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… everyone in India knows this word. It is the farmers’ harvest festival. It signifies a new beginning. During Sankranti, people welcome God into their homes by decorating the entrances with a rangoli made of flowers or powdered paint pigments. The middle of the rangoli is often decorated with an incense stick stuck into a pile of cow dung.

Rangoli Sankranti Indien



meaning of “Sankranti”


About us: The association consists of eight full members and we have the option of taking on supporting members. Our shared objective is to help the small farmers in India.

We’re a colourful mixture of people and we don’t belong to any political or religious associations.

We are made up of:

  • a nurse
  • an actor and qualified farmer
  • a secondary school teacher
  • a kindergarten teacher
  • a human rights activist
  • an artist
  • a housewife
  • a notary assistant


Sankranti e.V. is a member of the “Berliner Entwicklungspolitischer Ratschlag”  


Sankranti e.V.

Monika Ratering, Chairperson
Strelitzer Str. 71
D- 10115 Berlin
Tel. 0049 (0)30 4498328

We would be happy to receive any suggestions or feedback that you may have via post or email!

Sophie Matthäus, Vice Chairperson
Indrastr. 11
D- 13089 Berlin

Anne Karin Söller, Vice Chairperson
Jagowstr. 20
D- 10555 Berlin


Sankranti e.V. has the status of a non-profit organisation and in accordance with the Berlin tax authority (28. 06. 2017) is exempt from taxes. The association’s representative, Monika Ratering is authorised to issue donation receipts.

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