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Our Partners in India

Monika Ratering, Sankranti e.V. mit indischen Partnern


We have been working with Professor Kurapati Venkatnarayana from the Kakatiya University Warangal since 2012 (left, next to Monika Ratering). We can rely on one another one hundred percent. At that time he was accompanying international film teams through the villages as extortionate mircofinance interest rates were making headlines. He has committed himself almost continuously to the poor and disadvantaged in the community and has taken a stand against corruption and child labour. more…


Vorstand Maharshi Goshala Charitable Trust in Warangal


Mr. Sarjana Ramesh (right, next to M.R.) is Chairman of the MAHARSHI GOSHALA CHARITABLE TRUST in Warangal, and as a member of the Oasis Trust, also teaches yoga to orphans. The trust is based in Warangal and most of the members are from the educated classes and are committed to a better world. Their greatest commitment is to the abandoned cows. Maharshi Goshala Charitable Trust website.

Hirte mit indischen Kühen


It is unfortunate that when the cows in India no longer produce milk, they are often abandoned to their fate. They end up searching for food in the streets and sometimes end up in large cities wandering the multi-lane highways. The trust takes on these animals, looks after them and gives them shelter. Since Indian cows, and in particular the ones that no longer produce milk, are the basis of the ZBNF-Method, many of the trust members are very well trained in this method.

Professor Kurapati Venkatnarayana (top photo, left) maintains good relations with the local press, TV and educational institutions. When the change-over to the new agricultural method has been successful, a wider public will become aware of this project. Press and TV journalists will be ready to report on the promising and positive developments in the villages.

As the trust members know the villagers and the local authorities, this project has a good chance of success. The trust has been carrying out training in the villages for some time now.

There is also a glimmer of hope on the horizon on the political front. India’s present prime minister Narendra Modi is doing many things to help the villages. Let’s pull together with everyone in India for positive change!