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March 2020

A new women’s project is being launched!

We are setting up a project to help 15 women and their children. All the women are farmers and live in three different villages in the district of Warangal in extreme poverty – some of them in the most degrading housing. Most of them lost their husbands eight to ten years ago. All donations are most appreciated! More information can be requested via email at sankranti@gmx.de

15 Witwen

15 Bäuerinnen// 15 women farmers





February 2020

Moringa, nach der Aussaat// Moringa, also called drum stick, after sowing

Moringa, nach der Aussaat// Moringa, also called drum stick, after sowing

Moringa wächst auch in trockenen Regionen// Moringa also grows in dry regions

Moringa wächst auch in trockenen Regionen// Moringa also grows in dry regions

Moringa wächst ohne neue Anzucht immer wieder nach// Moringa grows again without needing to be re-sown

Moringa wächst ohne neue Anzucht immer wieder nach// Moringa grows again without needing to be re-sown







Latest from Kummarigudem – Village of HOPE :

It seems as if Dr. Sai Sundar has been sent from heaven, because he has a very promising solution to the green fodder problem. He is offering his knowledge and his seeds for free, and the farmers and the Goshala Trust are very keen to follow his recommendations. He is an expert on plant nutrients and believes Moringa, also known as drumstick, to be the solution. Moringa grows in dry soil, is incredibly nutrient-rich, and once sown, doesn’t need to be re-seeded. The tips of the plant are cut off and used for fodder. More information about Moringa can be found on the Murungai-India Facebook page.


January 2020

Trainer Mr. Ramana Reddy schaut sich alle Tiere sehr genau an und gibt gute Ratschläge// Trainer Mr. Ramana Reddy examines all the animals carefully and always has a lot of good advice

Latest from Kummarigudem – Village of HOPE :
We are always making sure that the donated cows in the village are healthy, and so all of the animals are checked regularly. The trainer, Mr. Ramana Reddy, who is a Giri cow specialist, examines every cow and her calf. All of the cows have now had their second calves, and some of the older calves are now as big as their mothers. We weren’t happy with some of the cows as they weren’t getting enough nutrients and green fodder. In spite of excellent training, it is difficult to encourage the farmers to invest for the long-term. They prefer to grow rice instead of green fodder as it brings in short-term income.





November 2019

Thanks to all the donations, the small processing plant for the manufacture of ghee (clarified butter) could be opened. The high-quality milk from the Indian Giri cows will now be processed directly in the village. This brings significant financial savings, which means double the income can now be expected from every litre of milk.

Feierliche Eröffnung der neuen Ghee (Butterschmalz) Produktionsstätte/ Ceremonial opening of the new ghee (clarified butter) processing plant


August 2019

The long-awaited monsoon came far too late. And the farmers in India are particularly affected by climate change. The green fodder for the animals is running out. What to do? The new trainer, Mr. Ramanareddy, is looking for practicable solutions together with the farmers.

March 2019

News from Kummarigudem – Village of HOPE :

  • Five more families were presented with a cow and calf.
  • Trip to an organic farm that uses the ZBNF method, to inspect the fields and exchange knowledge.
  • Networking via a village meeting, with interested parties and guests from the organic scene.
  • Networking is progressing. The Maharshi Goshala Charitable Trust (our Indian partner organisation) and Mr. Ramanareddy, the new trainer, are supporting the farmers and advising them how to market their organic products.
  • Mr. Ramanareddy is continuing to conduct regular training in the village. He is an expert on the ZBNF farming method and also runs a farm with Giri dairy cows.

Training continues to take place regularly in the village, mostly in the evenings as the temperature can reach more than 43°c during the day. Climate change is causing unpredictable droughts, as well as rain and sometimes even hail at very unusual times.


January 2019

P.M. begutachtet die KÜhe und Kälber/ P.M. assessing the cows and calves


Patrick Meyer-Glitza, a cow expert from northern Germany and Monika Ratering, Sankranti e.V. were in Kummarigudem at the beginning of the year to talk with the farmers and to examine the donated cows and their calves.

Overall P.M. was satisfied. The cows were assessed on their overall appearance, hooves, ears, hide, eyes, nose, udders, dung etc. However, four or five cows were definitely too thin. We want to do some more work in the areas of animal keeping, tethering and fodder. To this end we have taken on a new trainer. Mr. Ramanareddy is an experienced ZBNF farmer and runs a farm with a dairy operation and Giri cows. He will be offering his continued advice and support to the villagers.


October 2018

At the beginning of October Rita Baum, from Sankranti e.V., visited the Village of HOPE project in Kummarigudem. Since March 2018, three experienced local trainers have been teaching the farmers the new ZBNF method.
In the following 2 minute video she talks with one of the trainers about the current situation. He has some good news!

Rita Baum in conversation with Mr. Bashker (2 min) // 4 acres = 1.6 ha

November 2018

On 29th November a discussion was held in the German parliament with the aim of promoting agricultural ecology and sustainable food systems. Dr. Vandana Shiva, winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize, provided up-to-date information on the subject.

In India and other Himalayan countries there is an increasing movement towards supporting and protecting the environment and the millions of people who live there. The Indian state of Sikkim has switched to 100% organic farming and has recently received several awards for this achievement.
Other states want to follow Sikkim’s example. See Newspaper articles in German.


March 2018

The cow…

According to many Hindu scriptures, there is no gift higher in merit than the gift of a cow.

The ZBNF (Zero Budget Natural Farming) method relies on cow dung and urine from the Indian cow. Therefore the cows are the foundation of our project.

The first 27 cows and their calves have arrived, and there are more to come! They were ceremoniously presented to their families in Kummarigudem on 4th March 2018. There was a large festival in the village where we celebrated with all the residents and many guests.

The villagers were overjoyed!!!

You can see all the photos and videos here:



January 2017

The Goshala Trust in Kummarigudem organised an Ayurveda medical camp with five Ayurvedic doctors. Many of the villagers attended, were examined and received free Ayurvedic medicine. Only thanks to your donations were we able to set up the medical camp. Almost every villager over the age of 40 suffers greatly with joint pain. The causes have been traced back to the high fluoride content in the groundwater, which is also used for drinking. Within the framework of Village of Hope, Sankranti e.V. is donating a water treatment plant for the village. Next year we’re organising another camp, to which we will also be inviting homeopathic doctors.