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 Village of Hope…

… is the name of our current project. With the experience collected through our previous project, the association has decided it wants to do more for the farmers, and to do it in a timely fashion. A lot of you have made donations without knowing much about us. This trust that you have shown us has motivated us to carry on with our work. In 2016 we became acquainted with our Indian partner organisation, the Goshala Trust. We have agreed that we should commit ourselves to helping one village, and to show the world that things work better without the corporations. Much better, in fact! This is a pilot project for all of us.

An important consideration while we were looking for a suitable village was that there should be a consensus within the village. Furthermore, the desire and the courage to risk something new should come from the farmers themselves. Our Indian partner organisation, the Goshala Trust, Warangal, carefully looked at villages and after a few weeks our Village of Hope was found – Kummarigudem, near Mallikudurla.


Das Dorf Kummarigudem/Mallikudurla gehört zum Distrikt Warangal in Telangana

There are two different villages called “Kummarigudem”. The “project village” is near Mallikudurla.


262 people live in Kummarigudem in 52 families. On one evening during our first visit to the village, we gathered with all the women and children in a small Hanuman temple.

“We feel like one big family!” said one of the old women, and the others all agreed with her. A big advantage is that everyone in the village is a Hindu. There is a beautiful Hanuman temple that the villagers restored together a few years ago. All the inhabitants belong to the same caste, the “Potters” caste, and so for them it is a joy to live together in a community. In the village everybody supports each other. Another piece of luck is that there is already a farmer in the village who has been using the Zero Budget Natural Farming Method for four years – with success! For more information see the menu item Farming method.

Our aims are:

  • that every family becomes free from its dependency on chemical farming.
  • that every farmer introduces the Zero Budget Natural Farming Method.
  • that organic food is sold for a fair price.
  • that there is a water treatment plant in the village so that clean drinking water is guaranteed for everyone.
  • that the ground water quality constantly improves as does the health of the people.


Bilder aus dem Dorf