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January 2019

P.M. begutachtet die KÜhe und Kälber/ P.M. assessing the cows and calves


Patrick Meyer-Glitza, a cow expert from northern Germany and Monika Ratering, Sankranti e.V. were in Kummarigudem at the beginning of the year to talk with the farmers and to examine the donated cows and their calves.

Overall P.M. was satisfied. The cows were assessed on their overall appearance, hooves, ears, hide, eyes, nose, udders, dung etc. However, four or five cows were definitely too thin. We want to do some more work in the areas of animal keeping, tethering and fodder. To this end we have taken on a new trainer. Mr. Ramanareddy is an experienced ZBNF farmer and runs a farm with a dairy operation and Giri cows. He will be offering his continued advice and support to the villagers.