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January 2020

Trainer Mr. Ramana Reddy schaut sich alle Tiere sehr genau an und gibt gute Ratschläge// Trainer Mr. Ramana Reddy examines all the animals carefully and always has a lot of good advice

Latest from Kummarigudem – Village of HOPE :
We are always making sure that the donated cows in the village are healthy, and so all of the animals are checked regularly. The trainer, Mr. Ramana Reddy, who is a Giri cow specialist, examines every cow and her calf. All of the cows have now had their second calves, and some of the older calves are now as big as their mothers. We weren’t happy with some of the cows as they weren’t getting enough nutrients and green fodder. In spite of excellent training, it is difficult to encourage the farmers to invest for the long-term. They prefer to grow rice instead of green fodder as it brings in short-term income.