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March 2019

News from Kummarigudem – Village of HOPE :

  • Five more families were presented with a cow and calf.
  • Trip to an organic farm that uses the ZBNF method, to inspect the fields and exchange knowledge.
  • Networking via a village meeting, with interested parties and guests from the organic scene.
  • Networking is progressing. The Maharshi Goshala Charitable Trust (our Indian partner organisation) and Mr. Ramanareddy, the new trainer, are supporting the farmers and advising them how to market their organic products.
  • Mr. Ramanareddy is continuing to conduct regular training in the village. He is an expert on the ZBNF farming method and also runs a farm with Giri dairy cows.

Training continues to take place regularly in the village, mostly in the evenings as the temperature can reach more than 43°c during the day. Climate change is causing unpredictable droughts, as well as rain and sometimes even hail at very unusual times.