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The farmers in the village of Kummarigudem, near Mallikudurla want to form a collective so that they can leave chemical agriculture behind and return to a natural and sustainable way of farming. This is a brave step, since they have a powerful lobby against them. Our Association, Sankranti e.V. is supporting this small village in Telangana through our current project Village of HOPE. The first step has been completed. 27 cows were handed over to the village in March 2018  – see Latest

Most of the farmers in India can no longer see a way out.

­The background to our setting up the project is that since 1995 more than 300,000 farmers have taken their own lives.

Indischer Waisenjunge aus einer Kleinbauernfamilie mit dem Foto seiner verstorbenen Eltern

The boy’s parents both committed suicide and now he lives with his grandmother. His brother is in an orphanage in the city of Hyderabad. (right: Prof. K. Venkatnarayana)



The land, that the farmers cultivate by hand, is usually no bigger than 1 or 2 acres (1 acre= 0,6 ha). The competition on the global market makes things seem hopeless. Should these farmers give up? We want to help them regain their independence and food sovereignty and we hope you can help us too!

Photos and news from the Village of HOPE -see Latest